The novel coronavirus outbreak is gradually becoming the largest global pandemic we have seen in the past few decades. Now the virus is spread to every inhabited continent on earth and present in almost every country. The canceled flights, nation-wide quarantines and emptied streets of major cities around the world are changing the way we live. Now people fear that every time they leave home might contribute to the further spread of the virus.

The scale of COVID-19 is reaching new records as more than 170,000 are now infected around the world. The number of cases outside of China overtook those within the country of origin for the first time. Europe is now the epicenter of the pandemic with almost 25,000 confirmed cases in Italy and a fast-growing number of patients in Spain, France, Germany, the United Kingdom, Switzerland, Norway, and others.

The Americas are not exceptional and the virus has also reached the continent. The number is growing at a particularly high speed in the United States with over 3,000 reported cases. Canada is struggling as well. The nation’s prime minister, Justin Trudeau is in self-isolation, while his wife Sophie Grégoire Trudeau tested positive for the novel coronavirus. 

Under such circumstances, global stock markets around the world are fast in response to the outbreak. Influential indexes, such as FTSE 500 or S&P 500 are plummeting amid the panic around the pandemic. The latter is causing unprecedented waves of uncertainty and chaos for businesses all around the world. 

Soon after the virus started spreading across Europe, concerns around workers’ safety arose. Many companies immediately moved to remote work processes, however, many decided to wait until further official recommendations from the government. However, in early March, the employee at HSBC’s European headquarters in London’s Canary Wharf tested positive, forcing the company to evacuate its staff from the entire floor. This incident sparked a global wave of an ever-increasing number of companies choosing to send their employees home as much as possible. 

Some industries are being particularly innovative and flexible about the global crisis. The online gambling sector is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Due to liberalized gambling policies around the world, more and more online casinos have started to pop up. Canada is one of the leading nations in the field. Gambling is quite popular in the country, particularly roulette and card games. As a result, the majority of online platforms include roulette online CA games, tailored specifically for the nation’s population.

Businesses in the field are leading the way in introducing a remote working environment for almost all of the employees. However, this particularly affects developers, who are not required to hold as many physical meetings with clients or potential partners. Unsurprisingly, Canadian gambling websites were some of the first to send their developers, as well as other employees, home. After the prime minister, Justin Trudeau’s wife tested positive, the increasing number of Canadians decided to self-isolate or at least avoid leaving home for some time. 

Globally, the trend now is staying home and working remotely. A number of widespread campaigns have been launched promoting such actions in an attempt to contain the virus. Tech companies have already started introducing novelty into the working process to help their employees in the quick adaption to the new environment. 

Developers seem to be liking the new system. The remote work is efficient, convenient and most importantly safe for them. Besides, many developers have realized that the office environment is stressful and disturbing for them. High noise levels and the constant movement of people makes it particularly difficult to concentrate on work. Meanwhile, working from home offers a more comfortable environment with less noise and disruption. 

The job that developers do is very well-suited to the remote work. They most often only need their computers and a quiet, comfortable environment. Project managers, those who communicate tasks with the company’s developers, do not need them to be physically present to just simply explain an assignment or new details about a project.  

The ongoing process is showing developers around the world that working remotely can be much better than commuting to the office every day. More personal space and no need to spend any time on the way to work are particularly appealing factors to them. As a result, the outbreak is expected to transform the work culture for developers in the post-pandemic world. Besides developers, companies are also realizing the benefits of remote workers. Having developers work from home will result in enormous savings for any company as a result of reduced office rents. 

Photo by Thought Catalog