If you want to purchase a printer, you need to know at least basic concepts about them in order to choose the best model for you. And sometimes it is really difficult to make a choice between printer ink vs toner. We decided to help you and provide a brief guide with everything you should know.

What Are the Main Types of Printers

  • A laser printer works much faster and prints much sharper than an inkjet one. However, toner cartridges are more expensive for it than inkjet cartridges, but the cartridge for a laser printer is more durable. The laser printer also allows you to work with paper of different sizes. It is very convenient, especially for printing labels, tags and other documents of a custom size.

  • An inkjet printer is usually chosen for general use, and it’s something like a workhorse in the office. To date, the only advantage of an inkjet printer, in comparison with a laser one, is the price. Although inkjet cartridges are much cheaper than laser ones, you still have to replace them more often. Buying an inkjet printer, you may save, but in order to print the same amount of documents as laser equipment, you will have to spend all the money saved on the printer cartridges. Inkjet printer also has a slower speed of printing documents. This is better suited for home use than for the office because the speed and quality of printing are more important in business than at home.


Consumables for printers are ink and toner cartridges. The price of consumables must be taken into account when buying a printer. In the future, large amounts of money will go to buy these materials.


All printers have memory, usually, it is used to temporarily store the document at the time of printing. It is also used to monitor printer functions. From this, it follows that the more memory it has, the faster it will work.

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