The Cube Tracker, also known as the Cube Key Finder made by the company called Cube. This little classy little device can locate your stuff in your phones Bluetooth range. Can be attached to your keys bags or any important things that you want to know where they are all the time. If the Cube Tracker out of the range from your phone, it saves the last location where you can check by phone.

The Cube Tracker is also can find the phone which is connected to Bluetooth, and the tracker also can be used for photo shooting. It comes with spare battery and working time is up to 1 year, weight is 12g.

It can;

  • Find your stuff.
  • Find your phone.
  • Warm the user when the phone and Cube Tracker disconnected.

Supported by; 

  • Apple Devices using IOS 7 or higher.
  • Android Devices using 4.4 or higher.

To Buy the Cube Tracker Click here.

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