How to Improve Your Animal Research Lab Activities

The benefits that the medical, veterinary and biological fields have received from the scientific research of animals are enormous. This may be coming at a time when there is a growing concern about the inhuman nature of experimenting with animals but this is set to continue until a decent alternative is found.

As an animal researcher, you understand this situation very well plus other challenges that face animal research in general. As you carry on with your research following the ‘three Rs’, it is important to also find ways to improve your animal research lab activities.

The following are ways in which you can do just that:

Use a good record keeping system

Every animal research lab requires good record keeping for it to run efficiently.  These are records for compliance, lab animals, and finances. Animal records are especially very important because any inaccurate identification of animals will not only lead to inaccurate data but also waste time and resources in repeat experiments.

Compliance records are required to ensure that your lab follows the applicable laws and regulations in terms of protocol reviews and approvals, animal care programs, security, occupational health, staff training and the approved number and species of animals among others.

Being compliant is important because your customers will also trust your services especially when they do searches on sites like Georgia corporation search. Good financial records are mandatory for accurate cost analysis.

Have a good lab design

The design of your lab should be done such that it provides a good environment for the animals and also facilitate the good research process. It should be cheap to maintain, provide good care of animals and make it convenient for you and your team to perform your experiments.

The costs associated with laboratory animal care are usually high and it is necessary to concentrate animal care operations to reduce labor costs as well as implement good security measures and ensure proper maintenance of your lab. This will avoid costly intrusions and also frequent needs for maintenance.

Use of improved testing methods

It is true that animal research is yet to be replaced but you can make things better by embracing new testing methods. One example is using a modern and sensitive method like microsampling that will reduce the number of animals used for each experiment.

This method promotes humane treatment of animals in terms of reducing the number of animals involved and also the pain and stress experienced by the animals. It is also economical since you will need only a small number of research animals for each project.

Use the available tech for research lab management

Technology is revolutionizing the way things are done in almost all institutions and although it has not helped in eliminating the use of animal in research, it is making its management easy. One way is through the use of laboratory animal research software that integrates all operational and compliance processes a well as allow you easy access to data and functionality.

Others like enables you to run your studies within a very short time by automating time-consuming tasks and integrating them with existing databases. The software is also good for research teams since it allows for collaboration during design, planning, execution, analysis and reporting on all disease models.

Animal research studies are costly, highly involving and time-consuming. It is therefore important to always look for ways on how to improve your animal research lab activities. It starts with following the laid down rules and regulations, good practice and using the available technology for easy management of all your lab operations.

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