To say that mobile phones and the idea of mobile gaming have changed the way games are played is an understatement. In the last few years, all signs point to the development and growth of the mobile phone infrastructure, which led to a change in the way gamers perceive and enjoy their games. And this growth is backed by solid data and emerging trends which clearly define the future of the gaming environment.

According to Statista, the heavy use of mobile games helped spur the growth of mobile media use. In 2015 alone, the mobile gaming industry generated $30.1 billion globally in revenues, with Asia as the emerging growth area. Other research firms came up with the same findings and observations, and it is expected that the mobile gaming segment will continue to grow. In fact, it’s now considered as the most lucrative segment in the gaming industry and will represent 42% percent of the market.

This means that from here on, mobile gaming will become a popular platform for players when it comes to playing popular games from poker online, to slots and casino card favorites. This does not mean that desktop will become obsolete; the entry and popularity of mobile phones will simply expand choices, and provide users with options fit for their lifestyle. Also, mobile phones with its mobility still lack in terms of performance and experience when ranged against desktops. To answer the question if mobile will permanently replace the desktop, we need to cover a number of issues and see how mobile and desktop fare.

User experience

When it comes to user experience, the choice on whether to use mobile or desktop depends on personal preferences and lifestyle. But when it comes to flexibility and mobility, there’s no denying the fact that mobile phones are ahead of the game. With the use of mobile phone, you can easily explore popular video games or casino games like slots or free poker while riding the bus or waiting for your turn in the line.

Downloading the apps for games like poker or the latest video games can enhance the user experience, and the process is now streamlined. The only concern now is the storage space- you need to be sure that your mobile phone has a lot of disk space for your preferred games. When mobile phones and desktops are compared, desktops take the advantage with its higher default disk space. This can be addressed by downloading a casino app with a large collection of casino games or by regularly deleting apps and files that are no longer used.

Access to innovative games

Mobile gaming is popular right now among gamers because of the availability of top games, and many of these are known for their innovation. A quick check of the App Store or the Google Play Store will reveal that hundreds of new apps and games are introduced on a regular basis which appeals to a diverse gaming lifestyle.

These apps and games are available in different categories, from an Alternate Reality (AR), Action/Adventure to Casinos like Texas Hold’em. Although there are still games developed for desktop use, the attention is now focused on the mobile segment. Also, many casino games are now streamed on mobile, allowing many to experience casino entertainment through their hand-held mobile.


Through the years, players have depended on desktops when playing their games. Some of the popular video games like ‘Call of Duty’, ‘Sim City’ and ‘Warcraft’ are played on desktops because these platforms are fitted with the right hardware and larger screen (at least 14”) which help project the games in a seamless manner.

The video games are also known to run faster with fewer issues on desktops, which promotes better satisfaction among players. And when the mobile phones were initially introduced in the market, the games were not totally compatible and performance was never smooth. However, with the release of new mobile phones with high processing power and speeds, these games now operate in a seamless manner.

In short, one has to invest in high-end and top-tier mobile phones to enjoy the best video games and to play poker online. For example, one may need to invest in the latest versions of the Samsung, iPhone or Motorola to enjoy the games. The latest software version should be a standard, and it also helps if the phone has a bigger screen with longer battery life. More than the phone, it’s also important to rely on a steady internet connection, preferably 4G. some investments and expenses are required if one wants the same efficiency experienced in desktops.

Our take on the great debate

Both the desktop and mobile phone has its own set of advantages and disadvantages and as a player, you need to know these. For example, if you are a busy professional who is always on the move and wants to get your games fix on a regular basis, the choice is obviously the use of a mobile phone.

If you are at home and wants to fully enjoy the games, using the desktop is the best option. With its wider screen and more steady performance, using the desktop when playing poker or other video games will bring better results. Mobile gaming is definitely getting stronger and will be the choice platform for many, but the desktop will not simply fade into the background.

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