These days entrepreneurs, freelancers, and corporate wannabes can automate virtually every aspect of doing business using intelligent mobile solutions.  The all-important portability factor of latest generation accounting, messaging, time tracking and productivity management apps means that owners can effectively run their businesses from a remote location.

Along with redeeming the latest Fair Go casino codes, booking the end of year holiday accommodation and reserving a table at the swanky restaurant on the corner, small business owners can keep an eye on their cash flow, upload and share files and documents and re-structure the content on their social media accounts from absolutely anywhere.

If you want to run your business like a pro – and have fun on the side – here are eight of the best business apps that you simply have to have in your arsenal:

Intuit QuickBooks Accounting App    

The QuickBooks app is a versatile business buddy that enables accounting and bookkeeping on the go.  It features tools that track your expenses and sales in real-time, you can share your business data with your accountant at tax time and you can use the app to send customized invoices and generate payments via email.

It really is the easiest way to manage your cash flow and view your profit and loss… on the trot.  The QuickBooks app for Android and iOS is the fast, efficient and always accessible method of keeping tabs on your business financials.

HelloSign Document Management App    

The HelloSign app is the answer to business document storage.  It’s a one-stop solution that allows you to upload any PDF document you require and scan it, edit it and sign it neatly in-app.

It’s a vital little business tool that ensures contracts are instantly legitimate and above board and deals are sealed in black and white.  The HelloSign app is free, easy to use and full of helpful features that make managing business documents a cinch.  You can download the app at the Android and iOS app stores.

Trello Productivity Management App     

Trello is a feature-full collaborative productivity management tool that allows you to seamlessly manage all the tasks within your business.  You can easily follow your team’s performance and track tasks from ideation to action via simple lists, boards, and cards.  It’s fun, free and syncs across multiple devices… all the time. 

Hootsuite Social Media Marketing and Management App 

Social media marketing is where it happens for small business owners.  It’s a highly visible platform that has a reach like no other.  Managing multiple social media accounts can take loads of time and effort – resources that are always in short supply for the busy business owner.

This is where Hootsuite app is a lifesaver.  You can effortlessly manage multiple social media accounts in one accessible place.  An added advantage is it fits neatly into your pocket.  You can schedule your content in advance and engage with your burgeoning audience from a single, free-to-use mobile platform.  The app is free for up to three social network accounts and is available for Android and iOS devices at the respective app stores.

Paste Presentation Builder App

Paste is a wonderfully intuitive presentation building solution that allows you to create stunning shareable business presentations.  It automatically formats videos and screenshots and links to generate polished and professional-looking business proposals and slide shows.

You can share your creative genius in real time and collaborate with your team via comments, reactions and Slack integration.  With a little help from the Paste app, you’ll impress clients, suppliers and prospective business partners.  Best of all, it’s free to use on all compatible iOS devices. 

Otter Voice Notes Transcription App

The Otter Voice Notes app is ‘where conversations live’.  It’s a key business tool for small business owners and corporate executives alike.  It allows you to record and review conversations in real time and uses automatic speech recognition (ASR) to process and transcribe conversations.  It even has the capabilities to add captions and punctuation to the text.

Voice notes can be shared or exported at the tap of a button and you can create ‘invite only’ collaborative groups in app.  The Otter Voice Notes app includes 600 free minutes of transcription per month and is available to download at the Google Play and Apple App Stores.

Toggl Time Tracking App

Toggl is a simple yet efficient time tracking app ideal for everyone, from freelancers and small business owners to multi-person teams.  You can track the billable hours spent on various projects and get regular graphs, timesheets, and reports that pinpoint exactly where you’re spending most of your time.

Toggl is a free-to-use business tool that integrates with several other project management apps and syncs across all your devices.  The Toggl app is compatible with Android and iOS handsets and tablets and can be downloaded at the respective app stores.

Slack Instant Messaging App

The Slack app pulls team communications and collaboration onto one easy to use mobile platform.  You can organize public or private conversations according to a number of different criteria and search a centralized database of automatically archived team communications.

You can also drag, drop, share and edit PDF documents, images, and other files and call and message anyone within the team… wherever you are.  The Slack app integrates with multiple workflow tools and is available as a free limited-use option at the Google Play and Apple app stores.

Image; DepositPhotos