Does the avid gamer inside you crave to get his hands on the new Sony PlayStation 4 Pro and Xbox One X consoles? Do you have to suppress your wish due to the steep price tag of these two ultimate consoles? Well! You are not alone. Most of the gamers out there have to do the same due to budget constraints. What if we tell you that you can win a PS4 Pro or get Xbox One X for almost free? No! We are not talking about any contest here but of the mystery box website of DrakeMall. Drake Mall is an e-commerce website that works on the ‘Spin-to-Win’ principle and provides you with a chance to win a PS4 Pro or Xbox One X in Gamer Case for a mere $35.99.

Just like the Gamer Case, DrakeMall holds various other virtual cases or mystery boxes with each case representing a particular category of products. Same way as the wheel of fortune in a casino, you have to try your luck in DrakeMall by spinning your way for the products present in the bought virtual case. The cool thing is that you will definitely win a product and never have to go empty-handed. Now, decidedly, you might have a lot of questions in your mind regarding the working of the mystery brand of Drake Mall. Continue reading ahead as we attempt to answer most of your questions in this post.

Win a cheap new PS4 or an Xbox One X on DrakeMall – Where to start?

Your first step is to register yourself and create an account on the website of DrakeMall. You can log in with your Google+, Facebook, or Twitter Account as well. The user interface of this mystery brand known as is charming enough to enchant your senses with the sheer number of mystery boxes or virtual cases present on the website. However, your concentration must be on the Gamer Case which comes with a price tag of $35.99. Simply click on the case to check its contents. You will notice a ‘Test Spin’ button here. You can click it for as many times as you want until you feel you are ready to grab in the real opportunity and acquire the experience of playing your favorite games like Red Dead Redemption 2, Spider-Man PS4 etc. on your dream gaming console.

However, before you start, you require adding funds to your DrakeMall wallet. All standard methods of payment including PayPal and even Drake Mall gift cards are accepted. Once you are done with the test spins, tap on ‘Open Case’ to buy the gaming mystery box and garner a finite number of spins. You can start with the actual spinning now.

What can you do with the products that you win on DrakeMall?

If you are lucky and one of your spins stop on the PS4 Pro or Xbox One X then you can simply request for delivery of the same at your location through the ‘Products’ section present under your profile. The beauty about DrakeMall is that the website delivers to every nook and cranny of the world where a post office is present. However, please note that you have to bear the customs duty yourself and depending upon the product, the website levies a delivery fee of 5 to 20 credits.

Please note that DrakeMall has totally customer-friendly policies. So, there is no need to dishearten yourself in case you didn’t win the dream gaming consoles. The website provides you the facility of exchanging the item you won with an item of same value or else you can sell the item you won to acquire Drake Mall credits. You can utilize these credits to try your luck again in different cases.

Final Words – Fulfil Your Dreams on Drake Mall

If you fear about the legitimacy of DrakeMall, please don’t worry at all. DrakeMall has got several user opinions, reviews, and unboxing videos available online. Besides this, the website operates under the Curacao E-Gaming License. DrakeMall has got complete potential to fulfill your dream of losing yourself in the cool gaming world of Xbox Live and Play Station Network (PSN). When you are on DrakeMall, don’t forget to check our other mystery boxes like the Apple Case or Esports Case!