With well over 30 thousand apps being submitted to both the iOS and Android stores each month, there is a lot of competition out there. One of the best ways to stand out in this sea of options is to be creative, efficient, and, above all, have an app that works and delivers a consistently valuable experience. To achieve any of this, you need a competent app developer on your side.

To find the right developer and get your project off the ground, there are many things to consider. Most of the planning process needs to be out of the way before you even start looking for a developer. The clearer your vision, the easier this process will be.

What Do You Expect to Get from Your App?

App revenue in 2016 was over 88 billion via app stores and in-app advertising. Is this the route you want to take? Do you want more sales for your products? Do you want to inform your customers? Offer free content and information to improve the image and status of your brand? Whatever your goals are, make sure you can clearly communicate them in simple terms. This is the starting point of creating the concept for your app. Once you know what you want the app to achieve, you can determine what features you need to produce these results.

What Sort of Timeline are You Working With?

How long do you have to release your app? Is there an event or holiday that you want to align the release with? Do you have a hard timeline or is your schedule more flexible? These are the basic questions you need to answer.

Once you know when you would like to release your app, you should consider if you could publish a basic version of the app now and then release updates over time. This can help you launch faster and avoid compatibility issues over time. It can also help you set more realistic development goals.

What’s Your Budget?

Know your initial budget. If it’s not enough to get you to your ideal app, there are ways to work around this. First, you may be able to ask potential developers if they could recommend a more streamlined version of your app for a first release and a plan to add more features over time. This may even allow you to afford a more experienced app developer and will show you how willing a specific developer will be to work with you long term.

What Platforms Do You Need to Develop For?

Not all developers can develop for every platform. If you need an iOS app and an Android app, it’s best to choose a developer who can create both for you from the start. If, however, you need an app for iOS app development alone, don’t hesitate to go with a specialist.

Track Record, Portfolio, or Past Projects

If you know exactly what you want and have a flexible development timeline, working with a beginner that has more knowledge than professional experience isn’t necessarily a bad thing. However, they should have some proof of skill.

When you begin interviewing any developer, ask for a sample of their work before anything else. And make sure that you can attribute this project to that developer. Ask them about this project- What were the challenges? What makes it unique? Why was it created for a given client or as a sample? The more in-depth and honest their answers are, the more trustworthy the developer.

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