Do you feel like you have been left behind by the constant influx of new technology? For a lot of people, it feels like everybody else is tech savvy except for them. Most of the technology tip sites out there seem to require a base tech knowledge before you can start. Wouldn’t it be great if there was somewhere for non-tech minded people to get information on how to correctly use their latest gadgets? The internet is too vast to make finding these kinds of sites easy, especially for those with an aversion to such things. Fortunately, we have collected some of the best blogs for non-geeks in need of tech help below.

Lifehacker claims to help you “Do everything better”. It is a long-running blog dedicated to software and life hacks, containing tips for using Windows, Mac OS and Linux as well as Android and IOS. It draws from many authors with articles and videos teaching strategies for problem-solving ranging from little time savers to how to unsend that horrible thing you just messaged. describes itself as “dedicated to explaining the “hows” and the “why’s” of today’s technology and news”. The blog is updated throughout the day contributing to a massive archive of tech tips and the in-depth nature of the explanations prove useful for anyone from a geek to a complete noob. The blog contains the usual computer and mobile phone operating systems as well as gaming, office and photography tutorials. is a technology news site reporting on software, web apps, and productivity tools. Although it is primarily a news site typing “how to” into the search bar reveals many simple but useful tips and tutorials for the technophobe such as how to increase LCD screen resolution of the Android phone.

Switched on Insurance has its own blog. It contains many hints and tips explained in depth using very straightforward language covering a range of topics such as how to speed up your laptop. The layout of this blog is simple and user-friendly making it ideal for those unfamiliar with using these types of websites.

According to their website, is “a website dedicated to improving your skills with learning and using technology”. This is a colorful website containing well-written tech tips covering topics such as creating websites, for repairing gadgets and many how-tos. The articles are all written by the site owner who injects his personality into his articles making it a fun as well as informative read. He uses videos and articles to explain seemingly simple tasks like how to delete a Facebook page.

Armed with the tips available on these websites you will be able to go out and take control of the technology in your life instead of letting it control you.

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