We see a lot of people debating on the fact whether the evolving technology is helping mankind by saving the world or destroying it. The simple answer to this debate depends on how one uses the technology and for what purpose.

According to various surveys taken by tech companies, many people do believe that technology has brought relief in their lives in many ways and is contributing a lot in saving the world. However, a large majority is also against the use of technology.

Today, we have smart gadgets taking over conventional ones that produced a lot of pollution, consumed a lot of energy etc.

We may think that technology is destroying the environment but it’s not entirely true. It depends upon us on what precautions we take to protect our environment and use technology in the right manner.

Here are 4 ways technology is saving the world:

  1. Enhancement In The IT Sector

If we go back into the past, we can see how difficult it was to manage things, implement security, communicate with others etc. However, today, all those things which we thought of to be impossible, have come true.

Today, we have facial recognition software to ensure that unauthorized people can’t have access without consent. This is a crushing blow to hackers who harmed others by hacking into buildings and systems.

The facial recognition system is hard to pass by and is protecting humanity like never before.

Other than that, communication has also come a long way. Gone are the days when one needed to wait for hours to pass a small amount of data to someone far.

Today, we have technology that lets us communicate with anyone no matter how distant. This is a great thing that is actually saving the world. Remember how painful it was to send letters years ago when today you can send a text message instantly and even know if it is read or not.

2. Digitizing Business Matters

Most of the businesses have gone digital. This helps save a lot of paper by sending emails, contracts, online transactions etc digitally. Saving paper means less loss of trees. By saving trees, we are making our environment better.

Smartphone and smart gadgets too are helping communicate easily by saving a lot of time. Before their invention, people used to use posts to deliver messages which not only used fuel and paper but also consumed a lot of time.

All of this has resulted in less need of deforestation which is a great step at saving the world.

3. Monitoring Threats Everytime And Everywhere

We may think that we are living on land but the truth is we are floating in space and the countless number of threats revolve around us in terms of asteroids, gases, black holes, space debris etc.

It is essential to keep monitoring these outer threats and NASA has been doing a perfect job regarding this thanks to the technology we have today.

Apart from that, internal threats are also observed by concerned agencies with the help of monitoring cameras and drones. Moreover, if a person or a group try to inflict damage on a country, they can be apprehended using monitoring advances and use of facial recognition.

By monitoring threats, we are reducing the risks and prolonging earth’s life.

4. Advancements In BioTechnology 

The world and its inhabitants can’t survive without food. With so many diseases spreading at a rapid rate, it is a matter of time that the world goes extinct.

However, we have a biotechnology department to take care of that. There are vaccines for both humans and animals to eliminate viruses and bacteria that can cause harmful diseases and spread a plaque.

We also have fertilizers to protect crops and increase the yield so that food doesn’t run out soon.

The Verdict

These four ways are enough evidence to point out that technology has come a long way and is proving to be an excellent helping hand in saving the world. While some may question its effectiveness and how the use of technology is ruining the environment, but we also have companies like Sompor that are coming up with products that cause no harm to the world, such as sunlight LEDs.

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