Electric bikes are making quite a storm right now.  Not just because of their eco-friendliness, but also because of the fact they can bypass traffic, they’re great value for money, and they’re great fun too. Another new company to jump on the bandwagon with this idea is PESU. However, with PESU, they’ve gone that one step further and have created an electric powered mountain bike that’s fun, practical, and claims to be the fastest in the world.

One of the great features about any electric bike is the pedal assistance you get to make your ride even more enjoyable and less stressful on your legs. PESU e-bikes have been designed to a very high standard with attention to every little detail clearly showing.  They’re equipped with their very own torque sensor to help determine how much energy to feed the motor depending on how hard you’re pedaling.  With this torque sensor in place, the drive unit response time is just 10ms compared to most others on the market such as Bosch or Yamaha which have a response time of around 50ms.

The frame is special in its own right and was designed specifically to absorb shock. The tapered headtube is a great shock absorber to allow you more a more controlled ride. To give you comfort and consistency you’ll find suspension forks attached to the bike. There’s added strength in the frame thanks to the extra reinforced tube and seat tube too. With PESU e-bikes you don’t need to worry about any cables coming loose as it’s all internal, and the short chainstay lessens the likelihood of ever getting a tangled chain.

With so many fantastic features packed into a beautiful looking bike, who wouldn’t want a go one of these beauties? Having only been on Kickstarter a short while, the company has already surpassed their $100,000 goal so these e-bikes are proving to be very popular in deed.  Hurry now To get yours at a cracking discounted price of just $1,499 as they’re going quick. Delivery is being offered worldwide and the e-bikes are estimated to be shipped in November 2017.

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