How many times have you found yourself tapping away unconsciously on the desk or worktop, sometimes making a tune, sometimes not. Often we find ourselves doing this without really thinking about it, but other times it’s because we’ve heard a beat in our heads and want to replicate that sound out loud. And while sometimes, tapping your finger or pencil on the desk can sound alright, it’s never going to be as good as Specdrums – your very own sound machine.

Specdrums are a new craze to hit the market that transforms the world’s colors into your very own sound machine. These little beauties let you create sounds, beats, and melodies by simply tapping on anything that has a splash of color. Whether it’s your clothes, Specdrums 12-color keyboard, or anything else you see lying around the house. If you wanted to, you could even draw and print out your very own Specdrums instruments.

Using the iOS or Android app you can connect up to 10 rings then just tap away to create musical sounds and pitches wirelessly. Select as many instruments as you want from the app including keyboards, drum kits, and synths or you can opt for things such as sound effects or your own recordings. You can then customize each color to match a certain sound.

For anyone that loves to make music or just wants to have a bit of fun, Specdrums is a great device. It’s portable fun for people of all ages, whether you’re a musician or not.  They’re also a great tool to be used in education settings as are low budget, easy to store, and simple to use. Simply buy the rings, download the app, and away you go! For just $39 you can get your very own Specdrums ring, so if you want to have a little go at making your own music at your fingertips why not put your name down, but hurry fast as orders are flying in from all across the world. Deliveries are expected to be sent in January 2018.

To support the project visit the Kickstarter Page.

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