The electric or e-bike is very quickly gaining momentum in the popularity stakes as people begin to realize just what good fun and value for money they are. They also help save the environment too, which is a big bonus. Now, a new design in the e-bike market has been developed that could just take the world by storm and it comes in the form of the Copenhagen Wheel.

This wheel is a wheel like no other.  It was designed at MIT and developed by Superpedestrian’s top robotics engineers. Not only does it redefine the e-bike, but it offers an unparalleled riding experience too. The Copenhagen Wheels adapts to your riding style by learning how you pedal and integrating that with cutting edge robotic technology making sure you get the right amount of boost at the right time. It analyzes and responds to your power, torque, speed, and pedal position over 100 times per second to give you the most seamless, enjoyable, ride possible.

Another great thing about the Copenhagen Wheel is that all that magic is packed inside one little, red, hub. There’s no throttle, or external battery to contend with as everything fits neatly inside. With the Copenhagen Wheel, you can customize your ride experience by choosing from a selection of ride modes: Turbo, Standard, Eco, and Exercise. It also has a built-in diagnostic system that provides proactive protection that involves monitoring riding conditions and responding to events in real-time.

To slow down at stop signs or regulate your speed in traffic, just backpedal. In doing so, the Wheel Brakes, capturing the energy and uses it to recharge the battery, giving you an extended riding time. Your torque, speed, and power are all measured by the Wheel and the result is comprehensive biometrics and rides performance data. Being intuitive, The Wheel learns how you pedal and works with you to mirror that movement.

As well as being packed with amazing features, The Copenhagen Wheel is easily adaptable and will fit almost any bike. And just a few last specs just in case you’re not quite sold:

  • Top Assisted Speed:  25 mph (US); 25 km/h (EU)
  • Range:  30m/50km
  • Battery Life:  1000 charge cycles
  • Charge Time: 2 hours (80%); 4 hours (100%)
  • Wireless Connectivity:  Bluetooth Low Energy (4.0)
  • Smartphone OS: iOS, Android – Required

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