China’s New Type of Quantum Computing Device, Built Inside a Diamond

A new quantum computing process has been developed by a team of Chinese researchers that may one-day help crack complex digital algorithms used in encryption. It involves using diamonds to break encryption and could be used in quantum code-breaking in the not too distant future.

The new type of quantum device was built inside a diamond in order to break down the number 35 into its factors of five and seven. Led by quantum physicist Professor Du Jiangfeng, the development of this new process may be just what we need to crack the encryption. Du Jiangfeng and team fired lasers ad microwave beams at particles inside the diamond’s “nitrogen-vacancy center”. Results from the experiment demonstrated that the particles locked inside the diamond were able to yield the solution in just two microseconds.

Quantum computers are extremely powerful tools that can solve complex equations in fractions of a second, hence why so many people are trying to be the first to develop a workable model. Not only will they be responsible for achieving one of the greatest feats in all of history, but they’ll also make a lot of money from it too.

In a similar experiment, researchers from Sandia National Laboratories in New Mexico and Harvard University embedded two silicon atoms in a diamond matrix in order to demonstrate how to successfully bridge quantum computers on an atomic level. Here, the team used an ion beam implanter to swap over the diamond’s carbon atom with a larger silicon atom. With regards to the Chinese experiment, it’s the first time researchers factorized a number built on solid material and could even favor certain numbers of six or more digits.

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