Are Chief Artificial Intelligence Officers Really Necessary?

As artificial intelligence (AI) begins to become more popular throughout businesses and industries across the world, we are now seeing robots in places we would have never imagined including supermarkets, hotels, and call centers. And, with the introduction of all the AI comes the need to oversee it and ensure it works in the business’ favor of course.  But is the role of a chief artificial intelligence officer really necessary?

Companies such as Amazon, Facebook, and Google are making AI a central part of their core intellectual property as they recognize the solutions it brings to the sales, manufacturing, logistics and business intelligence sectors. They’re employing the use of AI to try and improve productivity, implement automation, and provide predictive analysis.  Using AI within their business models, these companies have a competitive advantage in helping to solve real business problems.

Many people are arguing that if you’re going to have an AI system in place, you should hire Chief AI Officers to drive the AI strategy. But, there are also those believe that’s an unnecessary move to make. The main thing that needs to be done when implementing any new AI into the business model is first to understand the business’ problems and goals.  Hiring a Chief AI Officer will not get you this. Instead, you will get someone freshly trained in a relatively new field looking to implement a range of AI technologies into your organization, with their main goal being to use AI rather than solve real problems.

So, instead of hiring a Chief AI Officer, one alternative is to deal with the problems. Give the AI to the people that are dealing with these problems day in day out.  These will be the people best equipped to be able to implement effective solutions as are in the very heart of it. At the end of the day, there is no magical AI solution to solve every business issue. AI will help, but ultimately it is down to the people that run the business, and that know the business inside out that will make the real difference when implementing AI systems into the organization, not a Chief AI officer.

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