Elon Musk’s New Company Boosts Brain Power

Elon Musk has been at it again setting up yet another new, innovative company. This one is focused on enhancing the brain’s capabilities through some kind of technological augmentation. The new venture, called Neuralink, is looking to bridge the gap between the accelerating development of artificial intelligence and our own human intelligence and ensure that we don’t ever fall behind.

Musk spoke of the possibility of a “neural lace” just last year at the Code Conference. He explained how it could be surgically attached to the human brain while allowing the user to interact with a computer without any bandwidth issues or other problems that arise when dealing with input devices such as mice, keyboards, and trackpads.

The company isn’t going to focus on upgrading the actual human brain as its priority but instead will explore how brain interfaces could alleviate some of the symptoms arising from certain dangerous and chronic medical conditions, including epilepsy and severe depressive disorder. Combined with existing therapies that use electrodes in the brain, these efforts could also help t alleviate some of the symptoms that Parkinson’s patients suffer from.

Once the company has made its name for being an approved medical provider of technologies, it would make it much easier to achieve its long-term goals of human augmentation. Yes, it may sound a little far fetched and off the chart, but that’s what Musk is all about. Both Tesla and SpaceX have been developed on what many would call crazy ideas, but look at them both now. It won’t be an easy ride getting Neuralink off the ground, but when it does go, there will be no stopping it.

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