Super Fast Charging is Finally Here but at a Cost

With thanks to recent advancements in technology and a breakthrough for Chinese manufacturer Meizu, it’s now possible to charge a smartphone from zero to full in just 20 minutes. This brilliant new piece of technology is called Super mCharge was unveiled just recently at Mobile World Congress, and is ready to take the world by storm.

The Super mCharge is way better than its predecessor and can fully charge a 3,000mAh battery in 20 minutes, or 60 percent in just 10 minutes. Bearing this in mind, the charger itself is quite a beast that’s capable of transferring 55W of power at a rate of 11V/5A, which is more than double the output of Motorola’s TurboCharger.

Meizu’s 3,000mAh battery is capable of handling four times the current that existing lithium-ion batteries can and will still retain 80 percent if its capacity after 800 charges. Regarding sustainability, it gives the battery a lifespan of around two years plus. Along with the battery, a new data cable was also created that can transfer up to 160W of power.

Sounds pretty cool, right? So you’re probably wondering what the catch is; and, it’s the cost. One of the great things about the Super mCharge is its ability to stay cool while it does its super fast charging. But, the only way it’s able to do this is by using a “charge pump technology” over two circuits. In doing so it achieves a whopping 98 percent efficiency, but the downside is the cables that are needed cost three times as much as what’s currently used. For that reason alone, you cab be fairly certain we won’t be seeing Super mCharge integrated into any devices for at least another one or two years.

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