Do You Love Outdoor Life? Then You Need To Have This Little Wind Turbine

Introducing the Micro Wind Turbine from Nils Ferber. While renewable energy sources are a fantastic way to harvest free energy, they are often rather large structures that are not ideal for being transported. So what happens when you’re out camping and want to power your stove or other electrical device and don’t have a plug or generator nearby. Well, now that dilemma is over with thanks to Nils Ferber and his Micro Wind Turbine.

This fantastic device is so lightweight and portable that it can be taken almost anywhere and will provide you with electricity when you need it most, come rain or shine, night or day. Its sleek design packs everything that’s needed into one lightweight unit that’s perfect for those camping or backpacking. The turbine is made using a vertical axis rotor that unfolds within seconds. Because of its well thought out design, the Micro Wind Turbine captures wind from every direction producing energy that can be used directly to charge your electrical devices via the built-in USB port or stored for later in its integrated battery pack.

While the existing model is better designed for powering smaller USB devices, the system is easily scalable and could easy be adapted for communal use too. The current amount of output the Micro Wind Turbine will kick out is around 5 watts constantly at a wind speed of 18 km/h. So, if you’re a little lost when it comes to power on the go, why not check out the Micro Wind Turbine and see what a difference it can make to your life.

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