Got Your New MacBook Pro? But where do you start?

If you’re one of the many people that have rushed out and got themselves a MacBook Pro over the past few weeks, then good for you. But, in all the hype and excitement, do you really know what you want to do with it, and how to get the best from it? If, not, and you need a little helping hand to get you started, just keep reading for a few tips on how to set it up, what accessories are worth buying, and what you might want to have a go playing on it.

The Setup: The whole setup process for the MacBook Pro is relatively pain-free. One of the first things that you will need to decide, however, is whether you want to use the Migration Assistant to transfer files from your previous PC or MAC. While it is a very simple tool to use, it can take a while to complete. Even if you say no to it now, you can still go back and access it later if you wish.  Simply go to Utilities in the Launchpad.  It’s also worth checking at this point whether you have MacOS Sierra running on your system. This is the latest Mac software and will give you the best user experience.  If it’s a newer model MacBook it will already be installed; if not, just go to the App Store and get a free update for it.  Next, you will want to configure Time machine – the built-in backup software which can be found in System Preferences. Lastly, if you also own the Touch Bar-equipped Pro, it’s now time to get that set up just right.  Simply go the toolbar and select View, then Customise Touch Bar, and away you go.

Apps Installation:  Everyone is different, and all of these apps may not be relevant for everyone. But, here’s a few that seem to be quite popular right now:

  • Pixelmator: A versatile, easy to use, feature packed, image editor, the Pixelmator is a sort of simplified Photoshop that’s designed for the Mac and is great for anyone to use for fun.
  • Final Cut Pro: For the more advanced user, Final Cut Pro brings fast and powerful editing to the tips of your fingers, including video footage.
  • Bear (FREE): Bear is a free app that is great for jotting down notes. It’s easy to use and nice to look at too.
  • Logic Pro X: For true music mixing, Logic Pro X is what you need. This chart-topping app is for dedicated musicians and is packed full of useful music making tools.
  • Rayman Origins: Rayman is a great game for the Mac that brings hours of fun for people of all ages and will give you something to play around with when you’re bored.

Accessories: Some of the best accessories that we’ve seen so far for the MacBook Pro are (in no particular order):

  • Satechi USB-C Hub: This matching hub comes complete with two USB ports, and SD card slot, and a USB-C port too which should be plenty enough to pop your peripherals into.
  • Express Booq Backpack: This accessory may be a little on the expensive side, but it’s well worth the expense. It has a 26-liter capacity which is more than enough room to fit your laptop and other cool accessories, and each has its own unique serial number for added security.
  • Samsung T3 SSD: This portable SSD has a capacity of 500GB and has USB-C fitted as standard, so there is no need to buy any additional adapters.
  • TwelveSouth BookArc Stand: This is a fantastic stand in which to hold your new possession that neatly cradles your Pro while keeping loose wires tidy also.
  • Magic Mouse 2: This mouse is stylish, Bluetooth equipped, and comes fitted with a rechargeable battery. What more could you ask for?

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