2 Mobile Games to End the Year With – and 2 More to Begin the Next

By the time you read this, the crappiest year of them all – I’m sure many of you refer to it like this – might have already ended, letting a new one take its place. It’s a bit unfair to say that 2016 was a crappy year, though, as there were many great things that happened: world hunger decreased, and so did the ozone hole, measles was eradicated from the Americas, and the carbon emissions have stayed flat for the third year in a row. Besides, 2016 brought us new mobile games to get you tapping. Pokémon GO was the biggest sensation of the year, but it’s not the one I’m going to discuss today. Instead, let’s take a look at a few new games that were released at the 7 Sultans Online Casino – and some that will be launched early next year.

2 Mobile Slots to End the Year With

The 7 Sultans Casino launches fresh games at the beginning of each month – this December was no exception. The casino has added two great new games to its desktop and mobile library this month: one of them, Superwild, is the 7 Sultans’ take on the insanely popular superhero genre, the other, Tarzan, is the casual game revival of one of the most popular literary characters of the last century.

The developer providing the 7 Sultans with its games has announced a licensing deal with Edgar Rice Burroughs Inc. this summer, with the goal of reviving the legendary jungle king in the form of the slot machine. The game that was born out of this collaboration is one of the most beautiful ones released by the casino this year, with vivid colors, generous bonuses, and some of the greatest side games you can think of. Its reels are filled with jungle-related symbols (mostly animals and fruit) along with three characters from the original Tarzan story – Tarzan, Jane, and Jane’s father – plus one made famous by the Tarzan movies: Cheeta. The game is not only beautiful but also a ton of fun to play.

Superwilds, the second new game released at the 7 Sultans this December, is a playful take on the last few years’ superhero mania. It’s super-powered heroes are here to protect the Earth from an alien invasion, and fill the pockets of its players at the same time. There are three of them: Expando-Man, The SpinTwins, and Multiplier Man. Each one has its own beneficial superpower (their names are quite descriptive), but when they combine them, that’s when the best things happen.

2 New Games to Star the Next Year With

As you might expect, the 7 Sultans has several great games to look forward to, set to be released early next year.

The casino will start the year with a brand new Asian-themed video slot machine. The game reaches back to the ancient times for inspiration, featuring the likeness of Huangdi, the legendary Yellow Emperor, said to have ruled China almost five thousand years ago. Once it’s released, the game will be a delight for every slot machine fan, featuring stacked and expanding symbols, generous Free Spins with expanding Wild symbols, and a total win up to 60,000 coins.

The other new games set to be released early next year is a modern take on what it means to be rich. Life of Riches will have symbols depicting yachts, private jets, sports cars, and girls, girls everywhere. Once it’s released, the game will have free games across all platforms – download, desktop browser, and mobile – so better be prepared to strike it rich!

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