Technology Trends to be Wary of in 2017

Not all trends are for everyone, and some are actually quite worrying, especially when it comes to technology. The possibilities of where some trends can take us are sometimes further than we should be allowed to go and deserve a careful eye on them. Below is a list of the top 5 technology trends to be wary of in 2017 and beyond.

  • Artificial Intelligence and Robots Will Steal Our Jobs: This is probably the thing that many people are most concerned about when they think about the integration of robots into our society. No one can deny that 9/10, artificial intelligence will complete a task better than a human ever can, but do we need to worry about every single job disappearing and our lives suddenly become meaningless? No, we don’t.  It’s estimated that around 50 percent of all jobs today could be automated, but that still leaves quite a few roles that will be irreplaceable by robots. Jobs requiring creativity are those least at risk of becoming automated and includes teachers and architects.
  • Technology Will Extend Lifespans: Advances in technology are allowing people to live longer and some gene-technology potentially means we could stop people from dying altogether. But, as great as that may sound at first, if everyone keeps living, and more people keep being born. Eventually, we will run out of room on the planet.

  • The Controlling of Super Intelligence: The problem with artificial intelligence is because it’s so advanced, it’s essentially left in the hands of a few technology elites to control.  So, our lives become controllable by the hands of a few individuals. At the moment, we still have the option to opt out, but how will that affect you in your everyday life?  When everything starts going digital, you will have no choice but to opt in as. Otherwise, you may find something as simple as buying food, impossible.
  • End of Capitalism: The rise of robots and artificial intelligence will undoubtedly cause unemployment levels to rise, creating falling wages and stagnant living wages.
  • Using Our Data Against Us: Hackers are inevitable when you live in a digital age, and no matter what security there is out there, someone will always be able to break it. Earlier this year hackers used IoT devices to cause havoc and take down a large section of the internet.

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