Architects in Singapore Create Stunning Eco-Friendly Tropical Tower

If everyone took a leaf out of Singapore’s book, we would all be living in a much healthier and far greener society. WOHA Architects have just designed a hotel that may just change the architecture of the future. The new 30-storey Oasia Hotel Downtown is classed as a tropical tower, showcasing a variety of more than 20 species of plants and vines across its façade and rooftop.

The eco-friendly, 300 room hotel is located in Singapore’s Central Business District and offers a luxurious and serene setting for those who can afford it. Even while in your room you can experience the stunning views of the sky gardens and hummingbirds buzzing past that creates an atmosphere like no other. Although being energy efficient wasn’t the company’s primary goal, its design will certainly ensure that significant savings are seen in this department.

WOHA Architects are hoping that their design will spark others around the world to adopt this idea of introducing more green buildings into our society. Co-founder of WOHA, Richard Hassell, said, “What’s interesting is the emotional appeal it has for people all over the world. Examining the central business districts of so many cities is like looking at the moon from the Earth; one is filled with life, the other is just this collection of dead stone. With Oasia, we’ve seen so many birds and insects flying around the building. People respond so well to seeing a hummingbird flying right outside their office window.” So, if you’re looking for an experience that’s like no other, why not check out Singapore’s Oasia Hotel Downtown and prepare to be amazed.

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