Solar Farms Could Become the Way of Our Future

Solar panel farms could soon be responsible for changing the farming industry as we have come to know it. Farming is the oldest recorded industry there is, but it has come a long way from since it began. Advanced farming methods have been introduced, and now there are solar panel farms around that are capable of growing 17,000 tons of food with the use of any pesticides, groundwater, soil, or fossil fuels and could soon become the preferred farming method everywhere.

This new agricultural technique may be the answer to many of the world’s food shortage problems as it allows the growing of crops in areas that were previously considered inhospitable. As the demand for food grows, so does the need to find sustainable farming methods. Many farmers are turning to GMO crops as they think they produce better yields, but this isn’t the case. And the trouble with GMO crops is often the herbicides that are used on them are what damages the soil and surrounding land.

But, never fear as there is a new startup company called Sundrop Farms that may just have the answer, and that comes in the form of a solar farm. With offices in the U.S., the U.K., and Australia, this is a company that wants to change farming across the globe. Their farming technique involves using coconut husks, desalinated water, and over 20,000 mirrors to reflect the solar power and grow fresh, organic crops as a result. It’s an innovative way of farming that can be done in almost any location, all year round. There may be a high start-up cost of around $200 million, but because it’s so efficient, it should soon pay for itself.

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