Portable River Turbine Hypes Up the Water Power Rep

Although water power is still a fantastic renewable energy source, it’s often one that gets left behind. However, following a recent development, it may no longer be a source that’s ignored, but one that may even take priority. Canadian company, Idenergie are the brains behind this recent breakthrough and staff there have managed to create a kit that can turn the flowing water of a river into as much as 12 kWh of electricity for you to power your home.

Pierre Blanchet, CEO, and founder of Idenergie commented “There’s a lot of hydrokinetic power in a moving mass of water. By placing a turbine in that liquid, you slow down the velocity of the fluid and convert it into mechanical energy. An electric generator and converter then change it into electricity. Using this, you have a battery that can be charged 24 hours per day.”

Blanchet confirms that the system is mainly designed for off-the-grid applications such as small communities or remote cabins where it’s not logical to be connected to the grid.  This hydropower method is an effective solution for many of the problems that come with the use of gas generators such as the noise, the smell, and the cost.  It’s straightforward and simple to install and arrives flat-packed direct to your door. Just build it using the included allen keys, place it in the water, and you’re now ready to reap the benefits of mighty hydropower.  What more could you want?!

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