Apple Takes the Biscuit With New Smart Collar for Dogs

Yes, we all love our devoted, little, pooches, but has one company taken things a step too far with the introduction of their new intelligence based smart collar for canines? People have already dubbed the item as the “Apple Watch for Dogs” as it pairs up to an iPhone. The crazy new device was released last week on Indiegogo and is called the SensDog.

The SensDog has been developed by some of the best dog experts in the world, and its primary goals are to measure and certain behaviors and moods in your dog such as running, sitting, or walking as well as letting you know exactly where they are. Information will be transmitted periodically to the connected iPhone, so the owner is continually updated on whether the dog is hungry, stressed, needs to go for a walk or various others scenarios.

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An Apple Watch is encased in a box that’s worn around the dog’s neck that’s fitted with various body motion sensors to measure things like the dog’s acceleration and speed of turning. Information that’s gathered is then pinged to the SensDog lab where it’s analyzed by specialist software. One pet owner used the SensDog on their pooch to discover them digging up plants and chasing other animals around the house. The device can also alert the owner if something stressful is about to happen such as a thunderstorm, or another animal is nearby.

However, there are still a few issues that need to be ironed out. It’s portable so will require charging and has a battery life of around 16-36 hours, which is not great. Also, some dogs just don’t like wearing collars and so can become agitated and pull them off and others are simply too small to carry the weight around their necks. Another concern is the ongoing radiation that the dogs would get from the device being constantly so close to their heads. But, with further development, this device really could be the next big thing for dogs, so watch this space.

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