A 360-Degree Camera That’s Affordable and Compatible with Android

Most of enjoy taking a quick photo now and then. Whether it’s a family snap, a photograph of a place you’re visiting, or a cheeky selfie, it’s nice to have a camera that you can rely on to take a good picture that is worthy of keeping. Some of the best cameras that are available come in the form of a 360-degree camera, but up until now, have come with a hefty price tag too. But now, with thanks to the Insta360 Air, that is about to change (at least for Android users anyway.

The Insta360 Air is a clip-on camera that also has live streaming capabilities. The optics are fantastic, producing quality photos and videos and it’s made by a company that has plenty of experience in VR and making hardware. Shenzhen Arashi Vision already has the Insta360 Nano for iPhones, so to make it compatible with Android devices is the next logical step. The Air will work in the same way as the Nano but will cost around $100 less.

insta360 738 × 492

This new device has been launched on Indiegogo and has already surpassed its $20,000 investment goal by nearly 200%! There are very few 360-degree cameras on offer on the market at the moment, and those that are tend to have a price range of about $300. But, the Insta360 Air will be available for everyone from as little as $119. And if you’re quick, you can get your hands on one slightly cheaper, at just $99, by pre-ordering now.

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