Second-Generation BMW i3 With Range Extender

BMW is a very popular auto manufacturer that caters to a variety of people all over the world.  Most of their models have proved successful and popular with many folks, but the i3 was never really seen as one of the favorite models. Sales of this model were slow, and only 60,000 have been sold since the range was first launched back in 2013. Despite this, the auto giants are due to re-launch the model in hopes that this time people will recognize the brilliant benefits it has to offer.

But, quite when the re-launch of the i3 will remain a bit of a mystery. Project manager, Heinreich Schwackhoefer said, “The “i” sub-brand is stable, and you can count on a successor to the i3, but I cannot say when that will be.” Upgraded features of the existing i3 model that will be coming in 2017 include a battery pack with a long range capability (up to 120 miles on a single charge).

As the race for the best EV continues, one thing is for certain, and that is that BMW has now joined in. But, the guys at BMW will have to do better than that if they want to keep in line with the likes of upcoming EV’s such as the Chevy Bolt with its 200 miles plus range or the similar Tesla Model 3. So, watch this space as this could be just the beginning for BMW in the EV venture or if all goes badly, it could be the end.

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