Don’t Recycle Your iPhone Upcycle Instead

Recycling is a good thing to get into regularly doing. Whether it’s food waste, cardboard, plastic, or old technology, every bit of recycling is helping us all in he long run.  But now, there is another aspect of recycling that has been introduced to the world, and that is in the land of iPhones.  Rather than sending off old iPhones to yet another landfill site, they are being recycled into something much more useful –  iPods.

This new wave of recycling is referred to as upcycling as it transforms your old iPhone into a brand new iPod touch and is perfect for kids to use as a play phone and it’s an excellent idea too as it takes something old and makes something entirely new from it.  To do this, all you need to do is insert a SIM card into the old phone and connect it to a computer that already has iTunes installed on it.  What this does is it activates the old phone and lets you utilize it like a brand new iPod touch. Then, when it has been activated, remove the SIM card from it and connect to a WiFi network.

How cool is that?  You can now listen to music while out doing the shopping, completing your work, studying or just having a play around on your newly made iPod and it didn’t cost you any money at all. This is the best kind of recycling there is if you ask me!

What else can you do with your old iPhone?

  • Use your old iPhone as a home security camera.

  • Turn Your Phone Into a Dash Cam.

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