Best Business iOS Apps Available Right Now

We can all benefit from a little help from time to time whether it’s in regards to running a business or completing our job the best we can.  And now with thanks to certain apps out there, our lives just got made that little bit easier.  Check out below for the best business iOS apps you can get right now that may just save you a lot of time and money

1 – New, mobile versions of Microsoft Excel, Word, and PowerPoint:  These are fully fledged versions of the programs and have a whole heap of features.  They’re not quite as extensive as the desktop versions, but very good nonetheless.  All are easy to navigate around with simple buttons but they will only work on iPads, not iPhones.

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2 – Outlook:  This mobile version has had an upgrade too and is a great tool for business owners.  This version fully integrates with the desktop version of Outlook’s calendar so you no longer have to worry about not being able to update events while you are out and about.

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3 – Evernote:  It may not be quite as well known as the last two, but Evernote is no less handy.  This app will save all your notes to the cloud where you can access them whenever you want.  It allows you to dictate or manually type in notes and you can add photos too.  Another funky feature that’s included is it has text-identification when the stylus is used and recognizes your handwriting later on.  Evernote can be used with iOS, Android, Windows Phone, MAC, and PC.


4 – One Drive: This is for all your cloud storage needs and is a great choice for business users.  It lets you access your files from anywhere on your device and PC users can simply drag files into the OneDrive folder and they will be automatically backed up on the cloud.

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5 – CamCard:  This is a great app that will help in managing your contacts.  With the CamCard app you just take a photo of a business card using your iPhone or iPad and it will use its text-recognition software to extract key data such as the company name, key contact, phone number, email address, etc., and add it to your address book.


6 – GoToMeeting:  For those business users that are always on the go and always stacked with appointments and meetings, this app could prove to be invaluable.  This is a video conferencing app that allows you to host your own virtual meeting with up to 25 attendees.  It also hosts other cool features such as speaker identification so you can keep track of who’s talking, and you can also share your screen at the touch of a few buttons.

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7 – Microsoft Remote Desktop:  This app will allow you to view and control Windows from your desktop remotely from you iPhone or iPad.

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8 – Square Register:  Not everyone will need this, but anyone who takes payments personally will want to know about it.  This app lets you process a customer’s payment using an iPhone or iPad.  Once signed up you will receive a credit card reader dongle via mail that plugs into the headphone jack on the iPhone or iPad, and then simply swipe the card to take a payment.


9 – FreshBooks:  Although it’s a subscription service, FreshBooks is a full functional mobile, accounting app.  It’s easy to use yet thorough enough that it can tack your business expenses and profits at the click of a few buttons.  There are also cool features such as being able to track how long you spend on a particular project for easier invoicing purposes.