Have Your Own CNC cutting machine for under $500

With 3D printing now becoming more of a household name than ever before it’s no real surprise that a machine has now been designed that puts all other CNC cutting machines to shame. This new device, named Maslow is currently being marketed on Kickstarter and makes the art of cutting wood, faster, easier, and more accurate than ever before with its precision cutting.

Like with other 3D printers, you design on the computer what it is you need and then it gets cut out of a 4 x 8-foot sheet plywood right in front of your very eyes. The product is currently being offered on Kickstarter for $350 per kit which is extremely cheap for a CNC machine. And the another great thing about the Maslow is that you’re not compromising on quality for the price.

Another fantastic feature with the Maslow is that it’s completely open source, accessible via the website by anyone that wants to. Co-creator, Bar Smith, commented, “Our ideal customer is anyone who hasn’t has access to CNC equipment before. This type of technology has been around for decades, but only engineers have really been able to get hands-on with it. We want to see engineers continue to build fantastic things – but also gardeners share designs for greenhouses and bee boxes, or craftsmen and architects sharing designs for new styles of houses.”

By introducing the Maslow onto the market at an affordable price is not only providing a new niche in the market but is also encouraging people at home to get creative too.  Orders are being taken now on Kickstarter with a view to starting shipping them out as early as February 2017.

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