Customizable, Transformer Drone – How Do You Like Yours?

A new drone has been launched on Kickstarter recently that is the first of its kind in the world of drones.  The brilliant little masterpiece in question is called the Airblock and is a modular and programmable starter drone that is easy to use and fun to play with.  Initially launched on the investment seeking website asking for $100,000, the drone has already reached amounts well beyond that with more than 2,000 backers wanting a piece of the Airblock.

I would imagine that some of the main reasons that this drone has received so much attention from the public is because it’s modular, programmable, and fun.  Let’s look at these in more detail.  The modular idea of the drone is great because it gives the user a chance to customize their machine and allows a chance to try different things with different shape drones.  The modules are easy to put together and safe for kids to use and fly too. Being programmable is also a fantastic feature as it’s promoting coding (which is never a bad idea), and it allows the user to develop their creative side.  By utilizing the Makeblock app the user can create a stunt and have their drone carry it out right in front of them.

All this for just $99 seems like a pretty reasonable deal too.  You can also compete with other Airblock users is a variety of games as you race through the air.  Check it now and get your name down if you want one.  Deliveries are expected to be in early 2017, so although not quite in time for Christmas, it’s still not too long a wait!

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