Smartphone Manufacturers Are Ready To Count On The Iris Scanners

Smartphone Manufacturers Are Ready To Count On The Iris Scanners

Security for any computing device needs to be efficient and constantly needs updating.  The more sophisticated technology becomes, the greater the need for more advanced technology and now manufacturers are looking at other ways they can keep their customers safe.  Both Apple and Samsung have been developing biometric technology that can be installed in their flagship devices and currently offer fingerprint sensors as a feature on some of the most popular handsets.  But, even this does not seem enough to keep the most determined criminals away.

So, manufacturers having been looking at ways they can step up the security currently installed on phones and have found the answer in an eye scanning tool. The way in which this security feature will work is by capturing the owner’s iris and storing it in a biometric template.  The same process occurs again anytime someone tries to use the phone, only this time it will cross reference the new image with the stored image.  If these iris images do not match, the phone will not unlock.  It is pretty much 100% accurate too as even twins have different irises.

Microsoft has already recognized the significant benefits of having the eye scanner installed on mobile devices and both the Lumia 950 and 950 XL have this sort of technology included in these phones.  Samsung is also just about to jump on board with the upcoming Galaxy Note 7 rumored to have an iris scanner with the possibility of further devices like laptops and tablets getting them too.  However, quite how these tools will with those who wear glasses or contacts is yet to be seen and may pose to be a problem.  Also, not forgetting Apple, who are also looking to join the party with the iris scanner, but they may be a little slower to take off with theirs not expected to hit the sales floor until at least 2017.

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