Samsung Stay Ahead of the Game With Dual Wireless Charger

Our world is getting filled more and more each day with new, smart technologies, and the need to be able to charge them easily is also getting more in demand.  Samsung is one of the leading providers that produce wireless mobile phone charging facilities and all of their flagships include support for it. Now, with a new patent under their belt, they are looking to expand their wireless empire even more with the introduction of a dual wireless charging station.

Not only will this new and innovative product allow you to charge two separate devices at the same time, but it will also do it wirelessly too.  The new patent demonstrates a potential design for wireless ports and will allow users to charge a smartphone as well as a smartwatch simultaneously.  No longer will you see the circular pad that you may be used to. It looks like there will be three different designs, all that closely resemble one another and all offer users the same multi-charging capability.  Also, wherever you place your phone on the charger, it will start charging automatically giving you enough room to fit your multiple devices.

Samsung Stay Ahead of the Game With Dual Wireless Charger

However, Samsung is not the only ones who are looking to introduce better wireless charging facilities, and rumors are amid the technology world that Apple too is jumping on the bandwagon.  As early as next year Apple may have a wireless technology available on their phones, starting with the Apple iPhone 8. So, don’t worry if your smartphone isn’t quite there with wireless charging, as the way things are moving, it soon will be.

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