10 jobs that A.I. and chatbots Will Take Over

10 jobs that A.I. and chatbots Will Take Over

So, we all know that robot world is fast approaching and that soon many jobs that we once recognized as being human roles will now be taken over by sophisticated artificial intelligence machines.  So, are we right to be worried and should we all be searching for a new career?  Studies have shown that half of all tasks completed by professionals on an average workday can be done with the use of automated artificial intelligence.  There are, however, some jobs that robots can not and will not ever be able to take over including teachers, surgeons and anyone whose role involves any form of creative thinking.

But, what jobs are most at risk?  And who will be first to go?  Below is a list of ten roles that are perhaps most in jeopardy of becoming automated and controlled by chatbots in the first round:

1.  Accountant: The technology that is due to replace our little accounting buddies is software developed by a new start-up company called Smacc.  The team behind it have created a fully automated accounting process that looks to convert client’s invoices into digital copies then as it self-learns it will perform the other necessary accounting processes.

2.  Editor: Editors are at risk from being replaced by Bold‘s artificially intelligent assistants.  These digital writing assistants can suggest revisions as you type making your text clearer and also gives you helpful hints to improve on skills such as grammar and sentence structure.

3.  Psychologist/Therapist:  New technology released into this field of expertise is Ellie, an artificial intelligence therapist.  Ellie is able to read patient’s body language and respond just as a human would including body movements such as smiling, shrugging and nodding.

4.  Web Designer/Web Developer:  The Grid could be a threat to web designers and developers everywhere and is on its way in the near future.  With this artificial intelligence’s skills in coding and designing, it could change the way in which websites are developed for good.  As well as turning business ideas and photos into a professional looking website it can also make changes based on human feedback.

5.  Lawyer: Ross is an artificial intelligent lawyer that can do many tasks such as carry out research and updating case law and is already being used by firms across the country.  This intelligent robot is able to cut down the time these long, tedious tasks would normally take by a huge amount.

6.  Online Marketer: If you are an online marketer than watch out for the rise of Persado.  This artificial intelligence form was designed with the best persuasion techniques built in and is capable of generating pitches for advertising campaigns and create personalized messages that target individual customers.

7.  Doctor:  Babylon is the robot that has got the British National Health Service testing it currently as it seeks to transform healthcare as we know it and looks to replace traditional doctors in various situations.  This artificial intelligence form can understand simple language and diagnose symptoms of patients.  It is also capable of keeping track of patient’s health to be able to prevent any future illnesses.

8. HR Professional: Could we soon be interviewed by robots?  FlatPi is a robot that can sort through candidates and rank them into suitability within a matter of seconds.  FirstJob also has a similar A.I. with Mya who interacts directly with potential candidates for a role and advises them of their progress.

9.  Journalist: Wordsmith is an artificial intelligence program that can cut out most of the journalist’s work when it comes to article writing.  It can sort through huge amounts of data, pick out the important parts and then produce a well-written report.

10.  Office Manager:  You may soon be answering to a robot soon when Betty hits the market.  Currently being trialed in England at the moment, Betty can greet people; track employees work hours, and stock up the stationary cupboard.  Also, by using adaptive learning, she can keep a live, mental map of the office stored so can navigate efficiently and know if anything is out of place or missing.

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