This Maserati Become The World’s First Android Car

Google already implemented Android into the lived of drivers by making the Google app, Android auto available with compatible cars. This interaction of the car through the app on a phone or another device has opened up many new possibilities. Google, however, has taken it one step further and designed an entire vehicle around the Google Auto concept. In 2016, this came in the form of the Maserati concept car.

The Maserati has the Android technology built right into it. The coordinating dash screen is a stunning 13 inches in size, close to the scale of some computer screens. This Maserati could be considered an Android car. The Android technology can be used to control functions of the car. Drivers have become comfortable using the screens in their cars to make phone calls and play music. Things like air condition and heated seats can now be controlled conveniently from this same screen. This brings a whole new level of interaction with your vehicle. The computer is run by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 828 chipset. The display that is behind the steering wheel is also run by this chipset and presents as a 720p.

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The screen allow access to all of the regular Google attractions that you might want to use throughout the day. The possibilities are so vast, you may find yourself wanting to simply sit in your car and play with the computer. Unfortunately, there is not a customer available option for the public just yet. This is a concept that must be sellable to be considered. The future of 2017, however, does hold out hope for the introduction of similar models.

Google has brought some exciting technology to the forefront, once again, with the Android Maserati.