Republicans Are Changing Their Politics About Global Warming and Clean Energy

Republicans Are Changing Their Politics About Global Warming and Clean Energy

There are many elected officials determined to solve the climate change issue, and this is for the same reasons as activists. Our children will suffer as a result of global warming, and the economy will suffer, as will the natural world. There is also an issue for politicians of winning the seats to allow them to pass the laws needed.

It may surprise some to know that the areas providing clean energy jobs such as solar facilities and wind power are situated in Republican areas. The reason for this is that the areas’ best suited to provide these services tend to return Republicans rather than Democrats. Texas, Oklahoma, North Carolina and Kansas have the wind and sun needed as well as having the free land to place the facilities.

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Jobs in the clean energy sector are no longer just in the one place all though it is debatable that they ever were. There are more wind-related jobs in Texas, and Nevada and North Carolina are the best places to provide solar energy. The jobs of constituents are of vital importance to politicians and job growth keeps them happy. James Baker, a former Secretary of State, even tried to promote the first Gulf War by saying that it would be good for jobs.

Solar jobs have grown 20% across the nation, and there are now more than in coal mining. Renewable energy is also coming to the fore, and again republican areas are benefitting.

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