Making A Breathing and Living SuperComputers

Making A Breathing and Living SuperComputers

Soon computers may be powered by Adenosine triphosphate the substance that provides energy for humans according to international researchers. Professor Nicolau at McGill led the research that has determined that a small model bio-computer will process data the same way supercomputers do.

The work has taken a decade so far and thanks to input from the Netherlands, Germany and Sweden this idea that had a small beginning has expanded. Engineering knowledge and geometrical modelling have got them where they are. The circuit is like an ariel view of a city, and as cars and trucks travel around in their own way, channels are navigated.

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Here, however, channels are etched, and proteins move around in a set out a way. They move via ATP, and as biological agents are used, heat build-up is low, and energy use limited.

There is still a lot of work to be done but it is possible for the computer to deal with complex issues and Nicolau explains that this is a stepping stone to more detailed work and believes that soon there will be bio-supercomputer on a full scale.

There are bigger problems that need to be dealt with, and there is a possible solution that will help solve it. A hybrid device may be needed, and this will join the current invention with the regular computer. In case, this does not work there are other ideas in the pipeline, and this work will be taken forward.

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