Norway, through the virtue of its highly advanced investment strategy into technology, has become one of the most important and most respected technological drivers in the world. In order to see this, all you have to do is look at what the Norwegians have produced in terms of tech over the past few decades. Both in terms of Software and in terms of hardware the Norwegian technological sector is on the forefront, being one of the most impressive hubs for startups and significant technological developments. Although, this time around, we are not here to talk about all of the projects that are being conducted in Norway or that originate in Norway, we are looking at the projects that have caused a lot of excitement around the world.

Whether this is because of the popularity of the app or because of the level of technology that they use in order to conduct whatever they are doing. It is important to consider these companies just so that we are able to identify where the Norwegian tech industry is headed and what the world sees as important for its future. In this manner, we will be able to see what other, similar companies from other areas in the world will be able to cause a similar level of excitement.


If you have a kid, or if you have spent any time looking at memes in the past few months, you will have become aware of the existence of an app that goes by the name of Kahoot. Although, even if you have heard of it, you might not have been aware of what it is and get a little confused by all the frenetic energy surrounding the app. Well, the app is actually a gamification system for a learning process. SO if you are a thirteen-year-old with access to a phone and want to have fun while learning, Kahoot employs the techniques that make learning fun in order to help you with that.

The tech is currently being marketed to all kinds of people, including teachers, students, professionals and just everyday people. In doing so they hope to make Kahoot an integral part of the learning process for many different people. Whether to help teachers conduct tests in class or to help people with party games.

The app has been seeing a lot of success lately and seems to become more and more interesting to more people with time. Currently, most of the western world has seemingly grown interested in the game, which makes it an incredible achievement for the Norwegian tech sector.


The Gaming Innovation Group is one of the largest cloud service providers in the entire world right now. This marvellous technological company originates in Norway and provides its services internationally. According to NorskeCasino, their business model mostly concentrates on working in a B2B model, but this does not mean that they do not have a significant portion of their services that are directed more towards individual consumers. Other than providing cloud services, the company also spends a significant part of its resources on providing gaming services. The games that they provide are mostly related to gambling. The list includes games such as table games and slots games and is all made available through there cloud-based technology.

This makes the company one of the leading providers of iGaming software around the world. This goes hand in hand with the Norwegian decisions to invest more in the process of creating more casino-related investment over the next few years. Although, while his investment is directed mostly at offering these services abroad, the usefulness of the investment cannot be denied as GIG is seeing more benefit from working in the industry.


Otovo currently operates as a full provider of energetic solutions, specifically related to solar panels. While this might not be an innovative technology in any way, there are aspects of how the company operates that make it innovative. The optimization of solar panel development and installation means that the efficiency of energy capture increases by a large amount, which makes the company better at the job that it does. Otovo is one of the more interesting startups operating within the country, and the energy solutions in creates are something highly sought after around the world.

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