If you think that Ebikes are still bulky, expensive and impractical, then think again – CARBO, the world’s lightest folding electric bike, is finally here, weighing only 12.9kg. Meticulously designed by biking enthusiasts, it’s foldable, ultra lightweight, super compact, and superbly engineered. Do you love to use your bike to commute to work, but hate arriving drenched in sweat? Perhaps you’d like to cycle to work, but you’re afraid it would take up too much time in your busy schedule?

CARBO solves both of these problems. There’s the option to ride using pedal assist (PAS), powered by speed and torque technology, or switch to full electric mode complete with throttle option to build up speed. The built-in motor lets you travel at speeds of up to 32km per hour (20 mph), twice as fast as the average cycle, so you’ll never worry about arriving late as you leave the traffic jams behind. This way, you get as much of a pedal workout as you need, and then just let the bike take over!

The bike’s frame is crafted from eco-friendly carbon fiber, an incredible material which is lighter than aluminum but eight times as strong. It’s also super durable and absorbs vibrations, so you can always enjoy a comfortable ride. CARBO also comes with an LED smart screen which can be connected to your mobile phone via Bluetooth so you can use your sat nav as you ride – ideal for city exploring and discovering new destinations.

When you get to your destination, your CARBO e-bike folds into a compact size and shape in under 10 seconds and is super easy to transport and store. It easily fits into any car boot or even discreetly in the corner of the office while you remove the integrated Samsung seatpole battery for charging.

There’s also no need to worry about expensive aftercare and upgrades – as part of CARBO’s ingenious design, all the components are separate, so it’s really easy to maintain, service and customize with no special tools required! CARBO is also fully adjustable with removable front and rear lights, and sophisticated hydraulic disc brakes to keep you safe on the road. It’s the perfect urban companion!

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