Many a good idea starts or develops on Kickstarter these days and Cubiio, is no different.  This laser engraver is pretty cool as far as laser engravers go and it’s affordable too.  Having only been on Kickstarter for just a few days, the company behind the innovative product has smashed their goal of $25,000. In just a short space of time, they’ve raised over $1 million and still have over half a month to go!

So what makes Cubiio so cool you may be wondering?

Well, for starters it’s easy to use. Simply plug and play and within seconds you can be laser engraving your very own products. It works on a range of materials too. From felt to leather, to wood, or metal, this little beauty will engrave it. It works by projecting a weaken laser spot to the target surface. Then, while previewing, users get the chance to make adjustments to the size, position, or angle of the laser before pressing ENGRAVE.  Then, away from it then goes laser engraving your item just as you wanted it.

As with any laser product, safety measures are essential and Cubiio takes this very seriously and includes goggles in every Cubiio package. There’s also a password lock on the device that must be entered each time it’s used. If any accidental movement occurs while Cubiio is in operation, it will shut down immediately. It will also shut itself off if it begins to overheat. The company also recommend that you also vent fumes to outside.

If Cubiio sounds like something you want to get your hands on, for just $379 you can get the Kickstarter special where you’ll save 16% off the retail price. Deliveries are expected to go out March 2018 worldwide.

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