If you’ve ever wanted to have a fully wireless recording microphone at your fingertips then now’s your chance thanks to Mikme. Simply tap this audio device and you’ll get nothing short of studio-grade sound for your recordings. Then, once you’ve finished recording, you can send your music via Bluetooth to the Mikme app for all your fine tuning, tweaking, and sharing needs.

Mikme is a great product for a variety of people. Whether you’re a student, podcaster, or filmmaker, there’s something that everyone can benefit from with Mikme. It’s a great tool for interviewing, composing, skyping, songwriting, and so much more. Whatever sound you want to capture, Mikme can help.

The Mikme Microphone connects wirelessly to most smartphones, tablets, or personal computer for easy streaming but also works standalone too with its built-in 16gb audio recorder. And just because it’s compact doesn’t mean the quality of the sound is compromised. Being fitted with a gold plated capsule it outperforms all other USB and digital audio recorders on the market.

It’s so simple to use too. Just press one single button to start creating your recordings for up to 360 hours. No other device is needed for Mikme to work. You also get free Mikme apps that run on iPhone and Android that enable you to have full control over your sounds including mixing tracks, adding effects, and sharing with others. Why not give it a go and see what it can do for you?

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