Will Virtual Reality be the future of Igaming?

Ever since the first online casino appeared on the market, this industry has been in tune with technological trends and innovations, trying to bring the online gambling experience to a new level. The first online casinos were rather primitive, and it took several years before they started to amass large groups of players. But as the internet became readily available in all corners of the globe, online casinos started to thrive. The invention of smartphones and tablets only made things more convenient for gamblers, as they could now play their favorite casino games on the move.

With all that said, it comes as no surprise that the online gambling industry is looking toward technology’s next big thing — virtual reality. VR has already made its mark on video gaming, as some of the most popular video game titles are now compatible with flagship VR headsets, but can this technology complement the needs of online gambling as well?

Why Do Online Casinos Need VR?

The online casino industry is in a healthier state than ever. New casino websites are appearing all over the place, and online gambling laws are loosening up in almost every part of the world. The players are already happy with their choices and are continually spoiled with rewarding casino bonuses and promotions. Nowadays, you can also play with as little as €/$1 – here some $1 minimum deposit casinos.

So, why would online casinos break the pattern and diverge from something that has been proven to work? Well, while casino games have gotten visually more engaging, the way these games are played has basically stayed the same for the last couple of decades. 

The demand for something new and exciting is ever-present in the minds of players, and VR might just be the thing that elevates their interest in online gambling even further.

What Would VR Casinos Look Like?

Adapting VR technology to online gambling might prove to be easier said than done. This tech works well with shooting games and sports games, but playing casino games is a rather passive activity.

Still, playing a casino game online simply doesn’t offer the same quality as playing it in a land-based gambling establishment. Therefore, VR casinos will look to narrow the gap between the online and land-based casino experiences by giving players a chance to interact with the virtual hardware of slot machines and table game elements like cards and chips. The players would be able to move around in this virtual environment and walk up to slot machines and blackjack tables like they would in a real brick-and-mortar casino. 

While VR casinos won’t feel completely realistic, they will still provide a much superior experience compared to clicking a mouse button or tapping the screen of your mobile device.

Another important aspect of VR casinos will be the social elements of gambling. Virtual casinos would feature virtual players, each having the ability to customize their avatar and present themselves in this digital world. Instead of using live chat, the players would be able to talk to each other and maybe even communicate with the dealer.

The customization options might also allow players to change the setting of the entire casino and adjust things like lighting, colors of the table, and other elements.

Connection Between VR Casinos and Land-Based Casinos

The possibilities of VR are endless, and we can only begin to speculate on how this technology might influence the gambling industry in the near future. But while the virtual reality casino experience would primarily concern online operators, big casino resorts and land-based gambling houses can also benefit from VR.

For example, large Vegas casinos might have their own VR setting that would mirror their land-based establishments. This way, players would be able to travel virtually to places like Bellagio, The Venetian, Caesars Palace, and other renowned casinos.

When Can We Expect Virtual Reality Casinos to Hit the Scene?

VR casinos already exist, the most notable ones being SlotsMillion and Casino VR Poker. However, implementing VR to online gambling is still a relatively new concept, and there’s a lot of room left for improvement.

Nevertheless, it is only a matter of time before virtual reality becomes a standard for the online gambling industry. As VR hardware becomes more affordable and ends up in every person’s home, online casinos will undoubtedly use this trend as a means of drawing a new generation of players.

Final Thoughts

VR is a technology that many industries are looking into right now. While most people associate VR with video games, this tech is often used for other forms of entertainment, as well as education, various forms of training, architectural design, and more.

Virtual reality and its applications will only extend in the following years, and the online casino industry will definitely not miss the opportunity to be a part of it. 

Photo by Lux Interaction