The “luck of the Irish” theme is one of the most commonly used aesthetics in the whole entirety of the online slot universe certainly, and maybe that of the wider gambling community too. It is no surprise though, is it? As the myths and traditions of the Emerald Isle are perfectly suited to the world of gambling, something that is proven by the hundreds of slots out there that use this theme. 

The Rainbow Riches series just has to be the most famous example, a sequence of slots that have achieved near-mythical status within the industry. Developers Barcrest really hit the nail on the head when they created the first of these online slots, something that resulted in countless sequels and spin offs. The newest of these is Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix, let’s take a look at how it gets on it comparison to its counterparts. Read ahead and check out Rainbow Riches.

About Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix and its bonus features 

We would be fairly confident that the majority of slot gamblers would have at least given a Rainbow Riches slot a spin or two at some point in their lives, whether that be in a land-based casino hall or the online casino world. For this reason the overall look of Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is nothing too exciting, but only because it is nothing we haven’t seen before. It would still appear vibrant and exciting to a newcomer, however, as Barcrest really seem to have spent time honing the graphics to be as clear and HD as possible. Upon the standard 3×5 reel grid configuration gamblers can expect to see some of the typical hallmarks of a “luck of the Irish” slot game, with a variety of things on offer such as four leaved clovers, leprechauns, and pints of ale. 

On first glance it doesn’t seem like Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is that much different from its predecessors, apart from in the graphics department. This all changes, however, when you find out about the new bonus feature on offer, one that actually serves to combine all the bonus rounds from the previous games! Right at the start you are given the choice of 3 different bonuses out of an overall 5. These can grant you a variety of prizes, from the 500.00 credits available in Road To Riches, or perhaps even more than that with the incredibly exciting Fields Of Gold bonus. 

About Barcrest and other slots by them 

You don’t just create a longstanding slot series like Rainbow Riches and remain an unknown presence in the online slot community, the main reason why Barcrest are highly well regarded across the community. It is not just Rainbow Riches that they have lent their hand too, however. Take a look at some of these: 

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Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix: Best in the series? 

There is absolutely no question that Rainbow Riches Pick N Mix is the best in the series to date. Saying anything else simply can’t be true!

Photo by John Schnobrich