The freelance community has flourished with the advancements in technology. Even large corporations are starting to allow larger numbers of employees to work remotely making the job market filled with opportunities for freelancers and those people who desire to work from home. Not all roles are going to be able to be handled virtually while others are the perfect work from anywhere roles. The aspect to realize as a freelancer is that you alone are responsible for growing a client base. Doing this over time is wise as to not compromise the quality of work being delivered to clients you already have signed to contracts. The slow growth of the volume of clients allows a freelancer to optimize workflow and other processes. The following sections will delve into different roles and how to build client numbers for each particular role.

Software Developer

Software developers can live around the world while still possessing a high level of income. Development skills are coveted in many industries with companies willing to pay top dollar for the right developer. Finding a team to work with of other developers to offer services together can be wise. One developer might specialize in one area or is proficient at a certain coding language that another isn’t. The ability to promise to hit deadlines on large software projects can be difficult alone. A mix of onshore and offshore developers can allow you to make sure you are being paid your asking rate while keeping costs reasonable. Charging hourly is recommended for many clients that have not released software. These clients could change the scope of the project resulting in far more work being required. The conversation of charging more for these changes can be awkward. Hourly contracts help reduce work being done that was not agreed upon. Working within a container registry can allow for quick access among an entire DevOps team. This can be invaluable to the overall production times of software development teams.


Copywriters will continue to be in demand with a large amount of content published daily online. The content varies from blog posts, articles, interviews, eBooks, product descriptions, and landing pages with even more options for writers. The ability to write all types of content can expand the number of opportunities a freelance writer will have. The most important aspect of copywriting is making sure to hit deadlines and the expected quality of the client.

Writers that are experts in a field can mix their expert content with less specialized content. Being able to knock out a few articles on autopilot is a staple of earning income for seasoned freelance writers. The need for generic content at a high volume still exists and can be a great way to earn large amounts in a single weekend. Content production companies can provide these types of projects but working directly with companies can pay more.

Sales Professionals

Sales are always important regardless of the industry with some individuals having the knack of closing deals. Sales have changed with some people selling via email, others by phone, and others face to face. The electronic signing of contracts can allow huge deals to be finalized without a sales professional ever meeting the client physically. The ability to sell can allow a person to work from around the world while earning an extremely healthy income. Utilize data to continually improve closing rates using tools. This assists salespeople in honing pitches and collecting valuable insight. The right company allowing for a remote salesperson with uncapped commission can be the perfect opportunity for a motivated seller.

Virtual Assistant

Virtual assistant jobs are in high demand as roles seem to become more complex daily. Management of companies might need someone to manage their email inbox or set meetings. Regardless of what a client needs it is important to use each client as a learning opportunity. One client could use a specific cost tracking platform while another could utilize a project management system that is new to you. Use both of these opportunities to become a more versatile virtual assistant for future clients. Great virtual assistants are frequently offered full-time employment which might be a decision you have to make!

Digital Marketing Consultant

The world of digital marketing is vast with many companies not even knowing where to begin. Digital marketing consultants can help analyze a website, put a strategy for marketing together, and implement tactics to grow organic traffic. Previous experience at a marketing agency or freelancing will be required. Digital marketing is complex for those without relevant experience. The ability to direct a client on ways to reach the top of search engine rankings can earn premium hourly consulting fees. Content marketing experts can also be a huge help with this as search engine rankings are based quite a bit off of content. The content a company produces both on its website and on relevant websites matters. Including a backlink/brand mention within content directly impacts rankings. The rankings, in turn, allow businesses to attract organic traffic which has a far higher chance of resulting in a sale than paid traffic.

Taking part in the freelance economy can allow for more professional freedom. For those not ready to make the full-time freelance jump there are opportunities for supplemental income. Take the time to create plans to grow client numbers so you can earn as soon as you start earning immediately when beginning work.

Photo by Toa Heftiba