Is your internet connection a constant point of frustration for you? Are you tired of slow connections, lousy customer service, and high fees for the Internet that doesn’t work? These are some reasons why you might be fed up and considering ditching your current internet service provider and look for a better provider. 

Are you not sure what an internet service provider is? Have you heard of companies such as AT&T or Verizon? They are examples of companies that provide internet access to companies, families, and mobile users. Internet services providers (ISPs) use fiber-optics, satellite,  and copper wire to provide you with Internet access. 

Unfortunately, not all ISPs are the same, and sometimes you could end up with a dud. There are several reasons that you might be ready to switch your Internet Service Provider, but three common reasons are your unhappy with customer service, slow internet connection, and high fees. 

Slow Internet Connection

There is nothing more frustrating than trying to stream your favorite television show on Netflix, and it starts freezing.  There could be many reasons your connection is slow, such as problems with modem or router, Wi-Fi signal strength on the cable line, devices on your network are inundating your bandwidth, or even a slow DNS server. If this is an ongoing problem, and you’ve tried to get help from your internet service provider, and there’s still no change, its time to consider a new internet provider who can handle streaming your favorite shows. 

Poor Customer Service

Does the thought of having to call your internet service provider make you internally scream? Are you always not receiving help from ISP? Do you encounter “I don’t know” a lot? Poor customer service leaves you overall dissatisfied with your internet service provider, especially when your calling because of an issue and it is not being resolved satisfactorily. If you are up against poor customer service, it’s time to look for a different service provider. Before choosing a new service provider, make sure to read customer reviews to get an idea of how ISPs treat their customers. 

High Fees

Know one wants to pay obnoxiously high fees for their Internet, especially if it doesn’t work most of the time properly. If you are nearing the end of your contract and are not satisfied with how much you’ve been paying and your internet service provider, begin shopping around. See what other companies can offer you, you might be surprised. 

Switching Providers

Before making the switch, you need to list what’s important to you in an internet service provider and research other providers that are out there. One thing you need to know is how much broadband your household needs for streaming Netflix or browsing Facebook. Understanding specific reasons your switching to a different provider will help you avoid ending up in a similar situation.  To find the right internet service provider search on

Since you know what you don’t want in an internet service provider, here’s a few things you should consider when choosing a provider, such as availability, speed, monthly costs, upfront costs, reliability, customer service, and bundling options.


Before switching, you want to know what you aren’t looking for, how much switching will cost, and an approximate of the speed you need for your Internet. By searching, you know the providers that are in your area, and which internet service provider is going to be the best fit for your internet needs.