In today’s world, a business has to have a strong online presence to build a brand and to stay connected with the target demographic. To achieve that, it’s critical that your online network is protected against common cyber-attacks and hacking attempts so that there is minimal downtime. Network monitoring allows you to bolster your business network and also to make the most of your resources.

Your current network infrastructure can be improved in two different ways with networking monitoring. This is because you can optimize both processes and resources. With this technique, you can identify failing hardware components and network nodes, and also fix broken links that might bring down the network efficiency.

When you install a comprehensive network monitoring tool, then you can validate the network links automatically, take care of the hardware, and ensure that your network is protected from unwanted and unauthorized entities.  

How do you pick the best network monitoring tool? 

There is a slew of network monitoring tools on the internet- some are absolutely free while some come with a subscription fee. Then there are also big brands like Bitdefender whose products millions of users trust, and there are also products from less reputed brands that are less expensive but also less effective. Naturally, it can be difficult for you to make a choice but you can filter the options by keeping your objectives in mind. The following are a few factors that you can consider to make the choice easier: 

Features: An ideal network monitoring program offers several features that can come in handy, such as support for the entire IT infrastructure complete with servers, routers, etc. It should also make upscaling easier so that when your business grows, your expanding network can be monitored easily. 

Compatibility: There is no point in investing in a good networking monitoring software if it doesn’t support the hardware you are using. For instance, if you mainly use Unix-based operating systems in your company, then you should get a software that supports that OS, and if you are using Windows, then you should get a software that supports that. It’s the same concept as using Bitdefender Antivirus for Mac when you run Apple products and using a Windows antivirus when you run standard PC systems. 

Automation: Even when you have a good network monitoring software, your staff can’t keep an eye on the system 24/7. So, what you need is a program that can automate the monitoring part for you so that the staff can go on with their tasks without worrying about network vulnerabilities and the top IoT cybersecurity risks. It’s better if the program creates regular reports and logs for your consideration.


If you have made it this far, then you know that networking monitoring is extremely important for running an enterprise successfully. You also know the factors that you need to consider for picking the right tools for your system. So, you can get to it as soon as possible, and good luck!