Influence marketing is constantly developing, opening up more and more opportunities for companies to promote themselves on the market. The new trends make brands revise the practice of short-term cooperation and turn to build long-term relationships with marketers and key opinion leaders. So what to expect from marketing in the near future? What are the key trends that will define the success of your business? Take a look at the report not to miss out on important information.

1. 71% of Marketers Practice Strategic or Highly Strategic Influence Marketing

At the same time, companies allocate only 10% of the budget on the influence of marketing. Besides, 50% of managers spend less than $100,000 a year in this area. Obviously, marketers need to invest more in their strategies. If you do not know where to get start-up capital for your business, you can consider registering an account on the bitcoin otc platform. Have all the necessary information and support on how to do this better and faster on Get all the instruments and dashboards necessary for trading and keep a wary eye on market tendencies. 

Fortunately, 55% of surveyed marketers plan to spend more on influencer marketing next year. For those who already allocate more than $250,000 to the niche, this figure is even higher and reaches up to 67%. 

2. 67% of Marketers Want to Generate Leads Through Influence Marketing

In addition to strengthening brand awareness and reaching a new audience, most marketers (74%) also expect lead generation and increased conversion rates from influence marketing. KOL’s play an important role in the entire life cycle of the client and in all brand communications with the target audience. 

Influencer marketing concept. Chart with keywords and icons on white desk with stationery

3. 80% of Marketers Report the Impact of Influencer Marketing on Content Strategy

Given the ROI assessment of brand relationships with KOL’s, the best option is to collaborate on content creation. Only in such a way, it is possible to achieve measurable and significant results. Compared to SMM and relationships with the media, influencer marketing is a leader.

4. 43% of Marketers Experiment with Influence Marketing

Many companies have just begun to develop influence marketing, so experiments are very popular at this stage. 28% of marketers chose the campaign format for influence marketing, while 24% implement ongoing programs. 

5. 48% of B2C Influence Marketing Programs Are Ongoing

Only 11% of B2B companies implement the same approach. Given the high appreciation of the content role in influencer marketing and the longer B2B closing cycle, one can expect this approach to grow in popularity in the future.

6. PR Strategy Plays an Important Role in Influence Marketing

There is a “competition” between marketing and PR. However, several departments within the organization can build relations with KOL’s at once. However, their effective management will require special automation tools.

7. 57% of Businesses Plan to Integrate Influencer Marketing Over the Next 3 Years Fully

Today, only 5% of marketers consider their content marketing programs integrated. In the next 3 years, the trend will intensify – more companies will start to integrate key opinion leaders into their business promotion.