A few years ago, a Northern California Meetup group called Web and Interactive Media Professionals held a discussion on the new Docker platform. Many experts discussed how Docker would make a profound impact on the profession. Some people were skeptical, but the more experienced developers recognized that it would transform the industry. 

These predictions have clearly come to light. The market for Docker Technology is expected to reach $5 billion by 2023. The rate of adoption is likely to increase even further in the following years. 

Many people that are new to the IT profession are still trying to understand the appeal of Docker. The reality is that there are a number of major benefits. Some of the biggest reasons that Docker has become so popular are listed below.

Excellent compatibility with different add-ons

Most platforms have limited capabilities without add-ons and expand their range of features. Docker is no exception.

Docker makes it easy for developers to use a variety of add-ons to improve the range of features of the platform, such as Devops tools by Jfrog. This gives them far more opportunities to leverage the capabilities of this new technology. Open-source developers can create more tools for Docker. 

Small learning curve

Some development platforms have failed to take off, despite their tremendous versatility. The biggest issue is that they took months or years to master. Few developers were willing to invest that much time to learn the features of these types of platforms. Since they were not widely adopted, even the developers that would have otherwise been willing to invest the time and resources needed to learn them didn’t put in the effort. After all, nobody wants to learn a system that nobody else is using. They won’t have much job security understanding a technology that nobody else has adopted.

Docker, on the other hand, is much more widely used. The single biggest reason that it has been adopted more than most other new platforms is its very small learning curve. The features of this platform are extremely intuitive. There are also a number of excellent resources to help people master it.

Incredible scalability

One of the drawbacks of many other platforms is the incredible amount of computing resources needed. Developers often encounter a bottleneck when they are trying to compound resources and exponentially increase the number of data sets that they are using.

Docker is a better alternative for developers that are concerned about scalability. Docker containers are able to perform a massive amount of computations with minimal hardware resources.

This means that Docker is the ideal platform for developers working on projects that require multiple terabytes of data. They don’t have to face unacceptable project delays to acquire additional hardware. It also helps reduce the cost constraints of using Docker, which means that companies are able to invest in more resources to get the same amount of benefits from it. 

 Exceptional collaborative capabilities

Modern development projects require increasingly large teams. Developers are going to have far more difficult if they don’t use an interface that encourages collaboration.

The Docker framework is perfect for enabling collaboration between team members. They can seamlessly develop projects with few communication issues or snags.

Docker is incredibly popular for numerous reasons

Docker is a very sophisticated new form of technology. Developers are using it to create highly complex solutions with a fraction of the resources they previously needed. Savvy developers will develop a proficiency with Docker to maximize its potential. Developers that are knowledgeable about Docker are going to have a lot more job security as it becomes even more widely adopted. 

Photo by Austin Distel