The Moon Pod beanbag chair is looking to revolutionize the ergonomic furniture market, and with it retailing at $299 consumers are hoping it lives up to expectations. I decided to review the chair and determine whether it matches its price tag, so without any further ado let’s take a look at how the chair ranks.

What impressed me most about the beanbag is its multi-functionality, something that’s promoted as a Unique Selling Point. The ability to sit, recline or lie on the Moon Pod distinguishes it from other products on the market, an upgrade from the preconception of what a beanbag is. What’s great is the beanbag essentially molds to the shape of your back, in any position you deem fit, meaning it can be modified according to your individual preferences.

This is achieved via a combination of high-density beads, which collectively bring structure and comfort to the seat. The Moon Pod is designed for multiple purposes, meaning regardless of your intentions you can capably fulfill different objectives. The Moon Pod can be used for relaxation, working on your laptop, lounging, and even as a surface for napping. The versatility of the beanbag differentiates the product, which combined with the seemingly high-quality materials used justifies the price point.

Does Moon Pod Alleviate your Anxiety?

One of the more outlandish claims Moon Pod has made about the chair regards is its ability to alleviate anxiety and stress, something which has been brought into scrutiny. I can honestly testify to the product providing advanced comfort, but it’s difficult to measure its effect on anxiety. One thing I can remark is a definite soft ‘floating’ sensation. I did notice some tension relief after using it, particularly in the back and neck area, which is not to say the chair can in any way replace a massage.

So what exactly are the main differences between the Mood Pod and a normal beanbag? Well, what separates the Moon Pod beanbag is the quality of beads used. Regular beanbags have a tendency to feel grainy and bumpy, where when the beads protrude through the fabric, it can create an uncomfortable feeling. With this beanbag, a bed-like feeling is emulated, via a high volume of beads that are easily moldable for optimum customization and comfort. This is especially noticeable when lying on the Moon Pod, where you can barely feel the beans at all.

Despite the aforementioned features, what tips this product over the edge is its supreme moldability. It is arguably the first intuitive beanbag on the market which can comfortably accommodate a myriad of positions. Whatever inclination you desire you can achieve, a huge plus which creates numerous seating/lying options. 

How Does it Look?

So now we’ve got the functionality out of the way, let’s consider the aesthetics. A sleek design that complements any backdrop, utilizing a minimalistic ‘Space Gray’ shade that will match whatever setup you have. What’s different about the Moon Pod is you won’t have to worry about it clashing with your decor, a common concern with conventional beanbags. It is also compact and lightweight, where at 12lbs it’s easily stored and conveniently movable. A simplistic addition to any space without tampering with your current design, whether you choose to locate it in an office, playroom or living room. The Moon Pod comes in various sizes, but the 4-foot edition can be easily stored in the corner of a room, under the table or just about anywhere you see fit. It comes complete with a removable outer layer that can be washed at your own leisure, making the Moon Pod very easy to clean.

So does the Moon Pod live up to the hype? In my personal opinion, I’d have to say yes, for delivering comfort through high-quality design.