SUZOHAPP is a leading supplier of components and solutions to the casino industry. Within the company a new name emerged, Sim Bielak who was the Chief Marketing Officer and now he is the new President of Global Gaming & Amusement business. Sim Bielak has been with SUZOHAPP for 6 years and this has tapped his experience in this gaming sector. 

Managing Director of SUZOHAPP, Ken Brotman said that Sim knows his business well and he will bring the knowledge and the needed energy to serve their partners well and he will deliver strong results for the company. SUZOHAPP wants to maintain its status as a one-stop shop for the casino industry, with products from LCDs to hardware that will be on display at the impending trade shows. 

New Leader & New Products

Sim Bielak feels honored to be the leader of Gaming and Amusement division at SUZOHAPP. Gaming is their core business, their roots are in gaming and they are extremely focused on supporting and growing their business. Sim also added that their gaming sector has a combination of their own brands that they develop and manufacture and there are other leading brands that they exclusively distribute in the global gaming market. 

For example, VisionPRO is their main monitor range and their new VisionPRO 4K 43” LED-Framed monitor has a new frame of colour which surrounds the display and is available in Edge-Lit and Front designs. The new monitor features a 4K UHD panel with a brightness pf 500 cd/m2 and a contrast ratio of 4000:1. 

The Edge-Lit design is meant for external use where the monitor is floating outside the cabinet. The design has an integrated VESA mount, where the LEDs are visible from the sides and front. The Front version of the monitor is designer for flush integration within the machine. All the VisionPRO LED-Framed models from 21.5” to 43” are available in touch or non-touch screens and either of them have addressable or RGB LEDs. This product portfolio has more than 50 models.  

ELO is the leading supplier of touchscreens and monitors. SUZOHAPP have been exclusively distributed ELO products for many years. Other major distribution partners include NEWLAND, which are scanners, and NANOPTIX, which are printers. In total, SUZOHAPP offers products like readers and recyclers, slot machine toppers, push buttons, controllers and power supplies. In total there are over 50.000 different products. Some of these products may be found on casino floors, where games similar to Diamond Link: Mighty Elephant are rolling on new installed screens and such.  

Company’s Motto: Simplify Your Sourcing

The company’s motto is about taking away the complexity of choosing a product. Sim Bielak said that they have amassed a great amount of knowledge and they combined it with the industry’s largest component range. They provide the best advice in order to correspond with their partners’ needs. This will bring a great value for them, because they are rest assured that they can find the right solutions. 

Another thing that fits well with the motto is that SUZOHAPP partners save precious time, because they don’t have to talk with multiple vendors. They can have one contact at SUZOHAPP who can cover all their requirements. In addition, the company also has a team that is multilingual. It happened more often than their partners can deal with them in their own language.

Sim also added that they take pride in their business relations and devote in visiting their partners. This helps them understand their partners’ wants in order to create a true business relationship. As the casino industry develops, working with a global supplier that has a local presence will simplify operations while maintaining the local connections for support and service. SUZOHAPP has a wide range of components and technologies for gaming machines and gaming terminals where manufacturers can find products at a one-stop-shop for all their needs which significantly simplifies sourcing.

Last Words

The current developments within the industry indicate a solid growth in the casino sector. At the same time, the industry is building up and players become more global. And also, partners want the simplicity and efficiency that comes from working with global suppliers, rather than having to manage with local or regional suppliers. A global operation is able to deliver that kind of efficiency, while it maintains a local approach to customer relationship development and service.

For example, SUZOHAPP is a global team, similar to Amazon. The company knows each other, they communicate and share information. In addition, the company also simplified their organisation, by bringing individual subsidiaries closer together. 

SUZOHAPP is also a big supplier on the OEMs sector, where they provide practically every component that an OEM needs. They can also understand that manufacturers and operators value innovation, but they also need simplicity and efficiency. In addition, major exhibits such as G2E Las Vegas, BEGE Sofia and ICE London are a critical factor for a supplier to be present at. Because here they are able to present their demonstration of the latest innovation and at a major exhibition a supplier can show how passionate can be about gaming business.